Koh Samet and August perfect climate

Koh Samet and August perfect climate
Koh Samet and August perfect climate

Koh Samet Island Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful country, full of attractions, colors, smiling population and lush nature.

Every year, at Consigliviaggiasia, we travel to this country to discover new places to review, through direct experience, contact with the local population and especially with our backpack. This year, during one of our trips, we decided to visit for a few days the island of Koh Samet. When to go to Koh Samet? The particular microclimate of this island during the rainy season, makes it ideal for not giving up Thailand in summer, we wanted to see what our Thai friends had told us and it is true. During August and throughout our summer, the climate in Koh Samet is excellent.

How to get to Koh Samet

If you have not organized the transfer to the island of Koh Samet from Italy you can do it quietly once you get to Khaosan Road, in the center of Bangkok, we tried Boonsiri, departures every day by bus directly from Khaosan Road to the pier of Ban Phe, duration about 5 hours combined with fast boat. All at an affordable price for everyone and this company also provides transfers to other islands, some of the most beautiful in Thailand, such as Koh Kood and Koh Mak. The transport toward Koh Samet with the boat is a local experience; we are found in company of so many Thai that they go to dry land to make provisions, with their smiles and their kindness, they love to practice English and to speak with the tourists. You will spend about 30 minutes in a pleasant way and you will be immediately on the beach, the trip is much faster than many other islands, and makes it an accessible beach in Thailand for those with little time.

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Koh Samet and August perfect climate
Koh Samet and August perfect climate

Sai Kaew Bech Koh Samui

When you arrive at the entrance to the port, you will have to pay a small tourist tax, about 20 bath, a sort of contribution to the island’s entrance. Don’t forget to bring with you small coins. Leaving the small harbour, you will find yourself in front of the only road leading to the protected oasis, Sai Kaew Beach, a 10-minute walk.

The island in this area may seem very touristy. Don’t be afraid, once you get to the beach you’ll find that there’s room for everyone and in fact it remains the most convenient location to walk around and enjoy a bit of nightlife. On both sides you will find some clothes shops, many local and international restaurants, hotels, massage centres, small shops selling fish and fruit and some supermarkets. The cost is a little higher than the less touristy islands and Bangkok’s street food in general, but you’ll be able to eat well.

Koh Samet and August perfect climate
Koh Samet and August perfect climate

On the way you will find many hotels and guest houses at more than affordable prices, all offer the possibility of renting mopeds and bicycles to move around the island in peace (from 250 bath per day). The most beautiful hotels in Koh Samet are on the beach of Sai Kaew Beach, of course the cost for a night is slightly higher. Most of the facilities located in this area have direct access to the beach. Avoid the choice of hotel in the area of the port, in Nadan Pier, the beach is small and not very clean, it is definitely worth arriving on the other side. Internally we point out a simple but close accommodation to the heart of Koh Samet and the beach, The Blue Moon Samet, if you want something at an affordable price. If we think we want to stay on the beach, I recommend the Samet Grand View Resort, beautiful, nice and elegant beach restaurant, live music.

Koh Samet climate

What is the peculiarity of this island compared to the others? The weather in August. Koh Samet, as already mentioned in the article, has its own microclimate that distinguishes it from many other places in Thailand. On this small island, for about 90% of the year it never rains, always sunny can be an excellent alternative for all those who love Thailand and do not want to give up even when the season is not really favorable. This year we went there in June and the climate in Koh Samet was excellent, always sunny, even compared to Koh Samui, where there are still short rains at sunset, during the monsoon season.

To enter the protected oasis of Koh Samet, in Sai Kaew Beach, you will have to pay a fee of about 200 bath for about 5 days. The heart of the island’s life is right here, hotels on the beach, good restaurants, pubs where you can enjoy Thai beer. Fun is guaranteed. Koh Samet at sunset is very beautiful, the long beach offers the opportunity to take pleasant walks on the shore, and then go to eat or drink an aperitif in one of the many locals.

Sea excursions on this beach start early in the morning and end at sunset, you can rent water scooters, snorkel, parasailing and much more. For those who love to relax, you can find massage centers on the beach to enjoy quiet moments of relaxation by the sea.

Koh Samet and August perfect climate
Koh Samet and August perfect climate

In Koh Samet you can do many activities such as boat trips to nearby islands, organizing daily excursions to snorkel in the most beautiful places, renting a boat and organizing a barbecue on the beach, about 30 minutes by boat you will find Koh Talu Island, Kudi Island and Koh Mun island, considered the most beautiful islands near the coast.

Beaches of Koh Samet

In addition to the main beach of Sai Kaew Beach, there are other beaches in a quieter location, for lovers of relaxation. One of our favorites is Ao Cho Beach, in the south of the island, small but quiet, ideal for those who do not like the confusion, few tourists and fewer boats near the shore. On the opposite side of the island, just after Ao Wai, the beach of Ao Phrao is worth a visit, clear sea and clear sand, with some resorts of medium-high range. To consider if you want something more exclusive. We keep in mind that all these beaches are in a secluded position with respect to the center, although the island is very accessible and not very extensive, you can turn with the scooter and is much quieter than many other areas of Thailand.

Koh Samet is not one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand but in our opinion it has many positive aspects: excellent climate, fun in the day and fun in the evening, relaxation, comfort. But most of all, Koh Samet and August, perfect marriage.

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Enjoy Asia.


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