Where you can get a fabulous breakfast in Prague

We are pretty sure that those who come to Prague even for just two days have certainly booked a hotel with breakfast included but, sometimes, when walking around the city, tourists might want to drink a good coffee and eat a homemade dessert to have an authentic experience, so where can you find something different and good that can satisfy your greedy cravings? We have tried for you two special cafeteria in Prague that we would like to suggest in this post.

Both places are located in Prague 1 in the Jewish quarter and both are distinguished from the others by their amazing cakes.

The first cafeteria we would like to mention is Danish and it is called Mansson. Opened in 1999, this small place offers many things, from simple croissants to a complete menu to make an excellent breakfast. To reach it, just go to Bílkova 6/8 Stare Mesto, 110 00 – Prague 1. You can easily find it, the pastry shop has a small window with a bench outside, soft lights and a typical northern decor. Espresso and cappuccino are excellent, as good as the Italian ones. Don’t be impressed by the huge croissants, the chocolate ones are well filled and delicious. As for the bill, we can say that they are more or less in line with other cafeterias in Prague. Please note that breakfast in Prague is not very affordable but, when you want to relax for half an hour, what does it matter how much you pay, the important thing is to enjoy a traditional dessert and a good coffee. Overall rating 4.5.

Let’s talk now about the second bakery shop, Nostress Bakery. To reach it we just need to walk a bit and turn the corner. This nice place can be found at Vezenska 8, 110 00 Stare Mesto. The peculiarity of Nostress Bakery are its desserts, pies, croissants, cakes and bread, all made in the laboratory that you see as soon as you come in. The cafeteria has beautiful wooden furniture and a fabulous counter. Croissants and desserts are delicious and you immediately feel that they are super fresh. Good coffee and an equally delicious cappuccino are served here. Pretty nice are the wooden trays that reflect the decor of the room. As for the bill, two croissants, coffee and cappuccino cost around thirteen euros, a good price if we consider the average price in similar shops! Nostress Bakery Overall rating 5.5.

These are just two of the many places where you can have a good breakfast or even get a real coffee in Prague. The City offers many options such as restaurants, pubs, bars and bakery shops, it is really impossible not to find a place to stop and eat or drink something good. 

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