Jamaica reopened to tourists on June 15th.

Jamaica reopened to tourists on June 15th.


After reopening to tourists from the U. S. Virgin Islands and St. Lucia, Jamaica is ready to welcome all travelers. 

After months of closure due to the COVID-19, many Caribbean islands have recently opened their borders again welcoming international tourists. 

From June 15, Jamaica will do the same.

American Airlines had previously announced that it would resume its Caribbean routes. 

Jamaica reopened to tourists on June 15th.
Jamaica reopened to tourists on June 15th.

How will Jamaica welcome its tourists?

Jamaica’s top priority will be the health and safety of both domestic and international tourists.

The country is planning to carry out a body temperature screening and to provide DPI kits for all tour operators. 

The government is working on a plan that can guarantee people’s safety and provide them with real, authentic Jamaican travel experiences.

The Jamaican authorities have stated that the latest generation of measures will be used to ensure that all visitors are subjected to safety controls, such as:

Hotels will have to measure the temperature of all staff at each shift change.

A hand disinfectant dispenser will be installed at each access door. 

Every 60/90 minutes, it is mandatory for hotels to disinfect the elevators. 

Restaurants were asked to reduce their capacity to 70% and to guarantee customers’ social distance. 

Social distance also must be kept, one meter from each other, on the beaches and swimming pools.

To ensure that the rules are followed, police officers will monitor the tourist areas.

 Jamaica totally reported  605 positive cases of COVID-19 and 10 deaths.

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