Hotels in Bangkok: an overview of sleeping areas

Let’s see together some hotels in Bangkok and the main areas where you can sleep. 😉

If you want to stay in Bangkok for a day or even a week, know that the vibrant Thai capital is full of charm but very busy, there are some hours of the day when moving a few kilometers can take a long time, the smog and many food kiosks on the street, do not alleviate the wait, especially for those who choose the traditional but slow tuk-tuk.

Most likely, if you arrive on the first day in the so-called “rush hour”, early morning or mid-afternoon, it will take you more than an hour just to get to your hotel from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, in addition to the long lines for the free Visa, which allows you to stay in Thailand for thirty days without worries.

This, of course, should not discourage you, because the city is beautiful, so you just need to evaluate the area where to stay in order to visit it in a comfortable way.

Hotel a Bangkok panoramica su dove dormire
Hotels in Bangkok: an overview of sleeping areas


Hotels in Bangkok 🏨

Hotels in Bangkok overlooking the Chao Praya River are often the best choice because they allow you to travel by ferry and reach many areas of the city in a short time, even in favor of the Sky Train and Metro, often crowded and not pleasant, especially during daylight hours.

They can be found for all tastes and all budgets, just take a look on the web before departure at the major hotel booking sites or contact a local tour operator, although sometimes they can be slightly more expensive than other areas.

Hotel a Bangkok panoramica su dove dormire
Hotels in Bangkok: an overview of sleeping areas

Ibis Bangkok Riverside and Bossotel Inn 🏨

If you don’t want to spend a lot, excluding luxury hotels located on the river, such as the Mandarin Oriental, you can consider Ibis Bangkok Riverside, a great hotel, simple but with good services and extremely clean, at really good prices, or for cheap price and a good massage center, take a look to the Bossotel Inn.

Hotel a Bangkok panoramica su dove dormire
Hotels in Bangkok: an overview of sleeping areas

Hotel near the Royal Palace the Rattanakosin Hall 🛕

Another hotel to consider is the Rattanakosin Hall, just a short distance from the Royal Palace and Wat Arun, near the ferry, offers splendid views of the capital’s most beautiful monuments and the convenience of being able to get to major sites quickly on foot, which is priceless in Bangkok. 

It is good to choose it for a very quick stop,1 or 2 days so that you have everything at your fingertips, even if not as cheap as the others.

Sleeping in Khao San Road 🌆

If you decide to stay in the Khao San Road area, you may find accommodation at good prices, the area has always been frequented by backpackers and adventurers who discovered Bangkok for the first time, if you are looking for something easy, without too much pretense, in this street, you will be spoiled for choice.

We can recommend the Rambuttri Village Inn, simple, discreet amenities and rooftop pool, near the main street.

Hotel a Bangkok panoramica su dove dormire
Hotels in Bangkok: an overview of sleeping areas

Sleeping in the Sukhumvit area 🌆

The Sukhumvit area can also be a choice, there are plenty of hotels to stay in, even if it is often chaotic and more suitable for business travel than discovering the real Bangkok, you can consider it if you are interested in the nightlife of the Asian capital, the Soi 11, is one of the streets with the highest concentration of pubs, restaurants, clubs.

The shopping center area 🏬

Another area to consider for your accommodation, even if a bit more expensive, is the large Siam shopping malls, where there are many restaurants, close to Nana’s nightlife, and beautiful shopping malls like Siam Paragon, Mbk.

You can stay at the Holiday Inn Siam, great price, great structure, difficult not to find availability, good standard of services, does not have a swimming pool but is located a few meters from shopping centers, in an enviable position.

Hotel a Bangkok panoramica su dove dormire
Hotels in Bangkok: an overview of sleeping areas

Near the Sky Trai 🚈

Finally, the choice of a hotel near the Sky Train, even if not in an advantageous location, is always a good solution, so it’s fine to move away from the more central areas if you find a good offer.

Near the airport

Hotels in the area of the airports, however, are to be considered for those who have to spend only one night in Bangkok and must be able to take the flight the next day, have a free shuttle service in most cases, such as the Bs Airport Hotel, comfortable, clean, great for a night.

All you have to do is choose yours.

Always choose a local tour operator 🌈

If you are looking for a reliable tour operator for your stay in the capital and all the rest of the Thai territory, you can contact HappyviaggiThailand, with professional Italian staff and operates directly on site.

Enjoy Asia. 👍

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