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Cambodia Islands

Cambodia is known for its beautiful temples, wildlife, the movie Tomb Raider. Who says that the islands of Cambodia are not suitable for a wonderful stay at sea? We have tried Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloen for you, starting from Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville Cambodia

We start discovering Sihanoukville, which is in fact the starting point for visiting the islands of Cambodia and where you can spend a few days. The central area of the town and the beach of Serendipity, are the most touristy point of the resort of Sihanoukville, there are shops, restaurants, travel agencies and guest houses rather cheap, which will be offered as soon as you arrive. Lovers of nightlife, if you like the opportunity to go out in the evening to eat in different places, this is the point for you, even if the beach and the sea are not postcard.

The Otres Beach area, about 8 kilometres from the centre, is a paradise. A long, incredibly quiet strip of sand is spread around all kinds of facilities, from $10/12 per night, for a very simple bungalow. It won’t be hard to sleep in Sihanoukville. The atmosphere is decidedly informal, a single dirt road near the beautiful beach, where you can find restaurants, pubs, people in costume until late at night, small kiosks, travel agencies.

The nightlife is not much, you have to move to the town if you are interested in it, but if you want to have a drink and listen some good music, you can easily stay in Otres Beach, change places every time and immerse yourself in the culture of the place. The area is also very windy, a pleasure, having to deal with a lot of moisture every day.

You can still easily reach the center, with the tuk tuk, which are located off the beach, about $ 5 each way. You can admire beautiful sunsets, make boat trips for a few euros and enjoy a few days of absolute relaxation, before returning to your tour, perhaps continuing to Vietnam or move to some other island.

  Tamu Hotel  Sihanoukville
 Tamu Hotel Sihanoukville 

Sihanoukville hotels

We feel like pointing out the Tamu Hotel, one of the best in Sihanoukville, a few kilometers away, located at Otres 2. For those who want something different from the usual bungalow, elegant but informal atmosphere, private beach, clean (often a rarity in the area) indoor pool and beautiful rooms, with outdoor bathroom, very nice, for a “nice shower under the stars”;. The restaurant on the beach, is one of the best in the area, not much more expensive, needs to be booked, for the influx of tourists, even outside the hotel.

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Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem

The beautiful Cambodian islands, about a couple of hours by speedboat, from the port of Sihanoukville, are Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem, still not very touristy, which certainly fall within the things to see in Cambodia and the most beautiful islands of Cambodia.

 Koh Rong Samloen
Koh Rong Samloen

The first island, Koh Rong, is still a place not invaded by mass tourism, where you can find yourself alone walking on its beautiful beaches in low season, April/May and October. It offers bungalows at very low prices (10, 20 dollars per night) where you can relax. The main village consists of small bars and restaurants run by young foreigners, arrived on the island as backpackers and adventurers, cheaper than “the sister” Koh Rong Samloen, is suitable for those who want to spend two, three days of relaxation and is part of the things to do from Sihanoukville and the most beautiful Cambodian islands. More spartan, after just one day you will meet all the locals, including the locals who work there and love to chat in the many bars with live music until late at night. The main center is located near the port of arrival, on the right and left, you will be surrounded by white beaches, in a classic crescent shape.

Many prefer the second, Koh Rong Samloen, more pristine, white beach, transparent water, where there are facilities with bungalows with slightly higher prices than the standard, but it is really worth it. Perfect for a night or two, it is part of the things to do from Sihanoukville, and is a paradise for snorkeling and diving lovers and is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Cambodia. On the island, there are only small structures with bungalows to rent, with restaurant attached. There are no cars, shops or supermarkets, but only some small hotels, tasty Cambodian cuisine, relaxation and sun. Some organize boat trips, dinner at sunset at sea and trekking in the interior. There are no ATMs on the island and most facilities only accept cash payments, so check in before you leave Sihanoukville, with a prior email to your hotel.

The cost of the speedboat is about $ 20 per person, including pick up from the hotel, which I recommend to do on your own with tuk tuk, if you want to avoid stopping for an hour at any hotel in Sihanoukville, waiting for people. By taxi you can go directly to the Serendipity pier in Sihanoukville and take the boat at certain times.

You arrive at the pier and, on foot, you walk along the beach and you can evaluate the place where to sleep, with a pleasant walk you can walk entirely. Hotels have their own sunbeds and umbrellas. In high season, however, it is advisable to book first, so as not to risk finding a full house.

Koh Rong Samloen
Koh Rong Samloen

There are several facilities on the island, the best known hotel is the Moon Light, eco resort, on the front line on the beach, has beautiful bungalows with domed roofs, in white, perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. The price is not exactly cheap, but it’s worth it. If you are looking for something beautiful but more affordable, I can recommend the Sweet Dream, cute and well-kept beach bungalows, clean, hammocks to relax and seafront restaurant, quiet and silent. A paradise, ideal for water sports and to discover the beauty of the Cambodian sea.

Not to be missed in the things to see in Cambodia.

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