Beaches in Thailand weather by month

Thailand Beach
Beaches in Thailand weather by month

Dear travellers,today we return to talk about the beautiful Thailand, a country that offers a lot of ideas for those who want to visit it.

We are talking about a topic that is very important to lovers of the sea, the climate month by month of the Thai islands and beaches, so that you can choose the best time to visit them. Based on our travel experiences gained in ten years we will try to answer the fateful question, when is the best time to go to Thailand and best beaches in the rain season.

Thailand weather by month

In recent years, we at Consigliviaggiasia, we have noticed that the climate is no longer so easily predictable, it happens sometimes that even in good times, the bad weather is shown but, in principle, this can be a short decalogue on beaches in Thailand weather by month.

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Koh Chang Beach
Beaches in Thailand weather by month Koh Chang

During the months of January and February, all the territory is practically enjoyable, the climate on the Thai islands is very favorable, the rains are quite rare, the sun is hot and therefore we can easily plan a trip to the North always leaving from Bangkok, to then choose the Thai sea that we like best.

Do not underestimate the beauty of central Thailand with its parks starting from the province of Kanchanaburi and ending the holiday with a sea extension in the west of Thailand starting from Phuket or Krabi and then reach real paradises with white beaches and where you can snorkel. These islands are a good base to move and discover the famous area of Phi Phi island, the area Koh Lanta, the Similan National Park, the national park of Tarutao, Koh Lipe, avoiding only the opposite part, near the island of Koh Samui, because at that time is crossed by strong winds, which make it less suitable for a stay at sea but just right if you think of doing sports like windsurfing. All wonders that have always left us speechless.

Phi Phi Island
Beaches in Thailand weather by month Phi Phi Island

We continue our tour talking about the islands that are on the side of the beautiful Cambodia. This area is ideal to visit in January and February, we talk about Koh Chang and the wildest Koh Kood and Koh Mak. In March until the end of April, the weather continues to be good everywhere, from mid-March/April the area of Koh Samui also becomes perfectly visitable.
Rainfall is quite rare, even if the temperature being high and humid, can cause short and sudden thunderstorms, so it is good to always wear a raincoat. Sometimes a short rain can even be pleasant, to cool off from the heat.

From the beginning of May usually begins the monsoon season, in the Andaman this is a month in which it rains very frequently, from June to September we will usually have afternoon and evening thunderstorms even of a certain magnitude. We can say that until mid-May it is still possible to plan a holiday in this area, if we think about the beaches in Thailand.

island of Koh Samui
Beaches in Thailand weather by month Koh Samui

Koh Samui and Koh Chang weather

The area of Koh Chang is also affected by strong thunderstorms, especially from the month of June and we recommend that you avoid it throughout the summer month. In this period we can still visit the North, bringing with us some protection for the rain, and plan an extension sea in the area of Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, suitable for our summer, where usually the rains are short and last a few minutes in the evening hours and if you are lucky as we were, they may even be absent.

The archipelago of Koh Samui is however really beautiful, even if during the summer the zone becomes very tourist, being the part with more favorable climate for the Thailand sea. It is certainly necessary to book in time, the costs of flights to Koh Samui rise many in the summer, considering perhaps the cheapest combined flight-ferry provided by Air Asia and Nok Air.

Planning a touring trip between Koh Samui, the most touristy, you can continue on to Koh Tao for diving and Koh Panghan for his full-moon parties. After the first half of September-October onward, as far as the climate of the Thailand islands is concerned, the area of Koh Samui is crossed by a little more intense thunderstorms, but however it is difficult for it to rain for whole days.

Phi Phi Island
Beaches in Thailand weather by month Phi Phi Island

During our summer, the best island in terms of low rainfall is Koh Samet, its particular microclimate, makes it perfectly usable as, in our opinion, is a viable alternative only if we are interested in enjoying the sea because its beaches are not the most beautiful in Thailand. Since mid-October, the rains have practically ended, in this period the area of the Gulf of Thailand is to be preferred, islands like Koh Chang and Koh Kood have a good climate in this part of the year. From November and December you can safely return to the Andaman.

Our winter is obviously the best time to travel to Thailand and to enjoy beaches, both for the sea and for internal tours, but flights are often more expensive as well as accommodation, so if you are also interested in saving money, you can go to Thailand at any time of the year, the important thing is to choose the right area.

Let’s take into account that the humid climate and a few drops of rain can often please, the roads are immediately dry after a few hours and you can resume the journey to discover the beautiful Thailand.

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Enjoy Asia!


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